We are so excited to co-create this journey with you! Thank you for stepping in and saying yes to this unique opportunity to unify and synergize our collective hearts and souls on a planetary scale. Thank you for joining this movement of love, and welcome to your global community of seekers passionately pursuing expansion, evolution and connection.

We invite all parts of you to enter into this space with an open heart. Guiding us we have a phenomenally potent team of healers and practitioners offering their work and magic for the collective. They will be offering tools, practices, teachings and rituals to re-awaken, open and deepen into ecstatic hum of aliveness.

We are here to celebrate life and to honour the full, wholehearted grace of our humanness. We look forward to discovering, gathering, connecting and evolving with you…

To join us please Get your ticket here:

The schedule is live! You can now start planning and feeling into your festival experience. Please read important information below for instructions on how to access the sessions:

Watch this walk through video (from another festival but the tools are the same!) on how to use Sched and adjust it to your time zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3H4utVMWv4&feature=emb_title 

Facebook Group
Upon purchasing your ticket you will have received a link to join our private Facebook group. This is where you will be able to access important information including Zoom links to sessions, Sched (program links), connection opportunities with your community, livestreams and support. You must become a member of this group in order to access to the festival programme! Sched and workshop links: In the workshops and sessions below, you’ll notice there are yellow video stream buttons. These link to specific posts in the private Facebook group where all of the information (including the zoom link) for this workshop is located.

Link to One World Tantra Festival Facebook Group:
One World Tantra Private Facebook Group

Time zones
You adjust the schedule to your location by choosing your time zone from the drop down menu on the right hand side (when on computer) or at the top (when on mobiles). Time zones in Sched are divided by cities so choose a city that is in your time zone (for example "Berlin/Europe").

If you haven’t already there is still time to join!

Get your ticket here:
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Kate Alderman

Somatic Sexologist, Intimacy & Relationships Coach
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Sigourney Belle

Wild Grace
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Brittney Bliss

Sex With Bliss
Tantric Eco Sex Coach
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Bansi Buckley

Field of Awakening
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Scott Catamas

Love Coach Academy
Founder & Executive Director
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Dawn Cherie

ISTA Lead Faculty
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Bynoi DeSouza

Love Movement Evolution
Educator, ISTA Faculty & Internal Arts Coach.
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Laura Deva

Laura Deva
ISTA Apprentice
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Xavier de Forceville

A Mens Journey into Sacred Feminine power; ISTA Faculty
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Vivek B. Gaur

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Francesca Gentille

The Red Cauldron
Clinical Sexologist
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Jasmeen Hana

ISTA Faculty
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Eugene Hedlund

Founder, School of Tribal Tantra; ISTA Faculty
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Arja Hendrikx

Tantra Teacher
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Lennart Hennig

Institute for Integral Development and Collective Growth
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Alice Hong

Wild Women Temple & Women Who See in the Dark
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Kimi Inch

Dominatrix / Kink Educator / Somatic Therapist
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Mariann Natalia Ka

Evolve; Essence; Wild Grace
Essence Founder; Wild Grace Trainer; Evolve Festival Organiser
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Aya Kamanakai

ISTA Apprentice
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Virginia Salas Kastilio

Social Entreprenuer, Influencer, and International Speaker
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Magda Kay

Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Relationship Coach
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Aaron Kleinerman

Embodied Awakening Academy
Lead Male Teacher
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Lawrence Lanoff

Intimacy Program
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Bruce Lyon

Wild Love
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Janine Ma-Ree

ISTA Lead Faculty; ISTA Wisdom Circle
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Dr. Betty Martin

Wheel of Consent
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Emerald May

Production Team - Heart
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KamalaDevi McClure

The Inner Marriage: Be the Beloved; ISTA Lead Faculty
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Mica Michelle

CEO Cheif Ecstasy Officer
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Reid Mihalko

Sex Geek
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Ohad Pele

ISTA Lead Faculty
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Suta Guy Rawson

Guide. Mentor. Awakener!
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Victoria Redbard

Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy
Founder & CEO
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Sanna Sanita

sanna sanita
Erotic Reset
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Nimai SunRa

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Major Tom

Conscious Play
Intimacy Coach/Performance Artist
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Tara Graviss White

The Art of Tantra
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Trish Wright

Love Coach Academy
Self-Love and Codependency Coach
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Chelsae Zirna

Founder of Chrysalis & REWILD
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📿 Andrei🧘🏻‍♂️Knight ✨

Tantric Awakening
Meditation & Tantra Coach